Puella Magi Madoka Magica

(Spoilers Below)

According to fan speculations, the first two magical girls who show up in this series of images may be Anne Frank and National Geographic’s “Afghan Girl,” Sharbat Gula.

It is also quite possible that, though not Ms. Frank and Ms. Gula themselves, these characters might’ve been inspired by them.

Young girls who face unimaginable horrors who dared to hope.

The latter hypothesis seems very likely, given that viewers do not glimpse a series of significant events in their lives; as it does with Queen Cleopatra, Queen Himiko, and Saint Joan of Arc.

Because they appear seconds apart, I wonder if this might be symbolic commentary about war, atrocities committed against humanity, or even Jewish/Muslim relations. (However, this is only a guess on my part.)

Whichever is true, it throws the truth that PMMM is tragedy into sharper relief: 
Ultimately, Madoka cannot completely rescue them from their fate, but what she can do is prevent their heartfelt wishes from betraying them, instead allowing their hopes to continue on.

"I won’t let your prayers end in despair.
You won’t curse anyone! You won’t torment anyone!
I’ll take all the misfortune!
So please, believe in yourselves to the very end!”

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